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Sidney Crosby made a fabulous gesture in 2015

In all my years in hockey, I’ve heard a ton of positive anecdotes about Sidney Crosby. I’ve never heard a negative word about him, because he’s such a unique human being.

Thanks to his great qualities, Sid became the greatest captain of his generation, always making classy gestures.

Everyone has heard the story of the little guy playing on an outdoor ice rink around Tremblant, where Crosby came to join him to play?

There’s that story, there are plenty of others, and there’s the one delivered by Tyson Barrie, dating back to the 2015 World Senior Championship, when the two players were teammates.

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At that time, Crosby, then captain of Canada, made a very classy gesture that downright upset Barrie. The gesture was linked to Bayne Pettinger, Barrie’s agent who used to work for Team Canada.

Note that this find comes from the Habsolumentfan site:

“Pettinger was sitting next to Crosby at a Biosteel training session in Montreal. At the time, Pettinger had just announced that he was gay and mentioned in passing to Crosby that he thought the gay pride warm-up uniforms were really cool.

Bayner called me on Facetime a few months later, almost in tears. The concierge at his condo called and told him he’d received a large package. Turns out Sid sent him a framed gay pride uniform. It read, “Bayner, I’m proud of you!” – Barrie

Sidney Crosby, that’s it! He’ll do things that others won’t, which makes him a being and a player who practically comes from another dimension.

In gusto

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