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Marc-André Fleury and his dirty tricks: Brandon Duhaime is his latest victim

We all know it: Marc-André Fleury loves playing tricks on his teammates.

There are so many stories about his pranks, I’d have them until next week if I counted them one by one.

His team-mates play along, and that’s what makes it so funny.

As an example, Brandon Duhaime said after a game last week that Fleury had played well “for a 50-year-old”.

The Quebecer, who celebrated his 39th birthday in November, decided to get even… By hiding Duhaime’s clothes, who had to leave the dressing room after the game with only his coat on his back.

His sweater was gone:

Holy Flower.

Guys like that are important in a hockey locker room because they’re appreciated. Fleury may play tricks on his buddies, and his buddies may play tricks on him, but it just brings a good mood into the room.

It’s only fair, after all.

But above all, it’s what makes Marc-André Fleury a beloved and respected player throughout the National League. And that’s a credit to him, because everywhere he’s gone, we’ve heard comments to the effect that he’s a damn good teammate and a damn good guy.

And not for nothing, we agree.

In gusto

– We’re talking about the Habs, Kings and Devils.

– That’s a good one!

– Nice.

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