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Wheelchair incident: 15 months’ probation for Daniel Brière’s son

You may have forgotten in recent months, but last spring, Daniel Brière’s son Carson made the headlines for a less-than-glamorous story. In fact, in March, images surfaced of him pushing a disabled young woman’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs .

It was a completely stupid gesture, but one that had major repercussions: the wheelchair was damaged and the young woman, Sydney Benes, had to buy a new one.

Since then, Brière had been expelled from the Mercyhurst University hockey team, and criminal proceedings had been instituted against him. We wondered what his sentence would be…

And we finally got the verdict.

As the Journal de Montréalreported this afternoon, Brière was given 15 months’ probation. This means that for the next 15 months, he’ll have to abide by strict conditions, and if he does, the incident will be erased from his criminal record.

Patrick Carrozzi, who was his “accomplice” on the occasion, received the same sanction.

And in concrete terms, it seems a fair enough sentence. The fact that he didn’t commit a violent crime (directly, at least) gives him a chance to rehabilitate himself, even though he’ll have to submit to conditions for the next year (and a bit more).

He committed an unacceptable act, but giving him a chance to make amends is a fine gesture. His lawyer has noted that Brière volunteers for a disabled veterans’ hockey team and has offered to pay for the damage to the young woman’s wheelchair, as reported by JdeM.

Let’s hope, of course, that he has learned from his mistakes and will grow from them. He has the opportunity to get over this (serious) “misstep”, and it will now be up to him to show that this was indeed just an isolated tip-off.

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