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Jacob Fowler impresses with his prowess and his French

Jacob Fowler is winning a ton of Montreal fans for his astounding stats at Boston College. Not only that. Like the model student he is, he’s taking French classes.

The objective behind this “training” is to communicate well with his future French-speaking fans. And according to his American team-mate Gabriel Perrault, Yanic’s son, he’s doing just fine.

Here’s what Perreault had to say on the subject, when he confided in journalist Jon Morisi on Twitter/X:

“He’s doing well and that will help him quite a bit in Montreal. He was having a bit of trouble at first, but he’s found a way to improve and it’s nice to chat with him!” – Perreault

If he had to give Fowler a grade for learning the language of Molière, Perreault would give him a B or B+, which is still well below the overall average, isn’t it?

He’s doing very well and is able to deliver complete sentences, making his repertoire much broader than it was just a few months ago. Before that, he knew a few words and a few swear words, but nothing more.

Returning to hockey, Fowler is seen as the Montreal Canadiens’ future number-one goaltender, according to some experts, thanks to his current form. He has a 13-3-1 record, a 2.16 goals-against average and a 0.925% save percentage.

Fowler and compatriot Trey Augustine will defend the U.S. net in their bid for a gold medal. Their tournament begins next Tuesday in Sweden.

In brief

– Filip Mesar’s confidence is really at another level.

– He’ll certainly be watching his buddies from the corner of his eye.

– Will David Perron manage to earn his point?

– It’s deserved!

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