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Emil Heineman shouldn’t arrive as a saviour, but all the better if he can make a contribution.
On December 13, the Canadiens recalled Emil Heineman. For the first time in his career, the young man got a taste of the NHL environment.

The result? Since then, he hasn’t found the back of the net. He’s got no passes, no shots, no-okay, you get the idea, he hasn’t played.

The Habs recalled him before a game against the Penguins. He didn’t make the lineup and was also “used on the press gallery” as the 13th forward against the Islanders and Jets.

We prefer guys like Stephen Mitchell, Michael Pezzetta or the good Joel Armia.

Of course, you know as well as I do that it’s counterproductive to leave a good youngster in the stands for too long. Especially when the youngster doesn’t have much mileage in 2023-2024, due to an injury that took him out of the game for several weeks.

As Renaud Lavoie mentioned this morning on BPM Sports, it’s because Jake Evans is in such bad shape that Heineman has been recalled. Evans has missed some training sessions recently, but he’s still playing.

But does that mean Heineman won’t play if everyone else can play in front of him? No, that’s not necessarily what it means.

The reporter says that Heineman, who was recalled to offset the personnel move that sent Tanner Pearson to the injured list, will play between now and the holidays. That’s what the Habs said a few days ago.

He’ll play one of two games (before the holidays). Maybe even both. – Renaud Lavoie

A few questions arise. Will he play tomorrow against the Wild and force a lineup change despite the club’s win on Monday? If so, will he also play against the Blackhawks the following day? Is the Wild too big a challenge for him? And above all, who will he play with?

Heineman, who had a great training camp, is a talented player. His shot is NHL-worthy, and that’s his greatest asset. His shot is so heavy that it would give the Habs an extra weapon.

The Habs shouldn’t play him with “plumbers” as such to maximize his production. Agreed.

That said, even if he is called upon (by chance) to play more minutes than Jesse Ylönen, he shouldn’t arrive as a savior. I say this knowing full well that the Habs aren’t doing so badly… but don’t forget that the Habs are 28th in the NHL in goals scored.

And Heineman, of course, is a scorer.

So he needs to be placed in the right conditions, without all the pressure in the world. Because the pressure must be on Cole Caufield’s shoulders, in particular.

In bursts

– Really?

– Hi, boys.

– Personnel changes.

– Interesting.

– The two make a great pair.

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