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Carey Price calls out a fan who gave him a gift over 10 years ago
Carey Price never hesitated before giving to the next man.

He always took the time to sign autographs or take photos with fans. He has a good heart, and that’s a credit to him.

The goalie knows how important he is to the community, because he’s still one of the fans’ favorite players in Montreal. After all he’s contributed to the organization since his selection in the 2005 draft, it’s only fitting.

Price isn’t officially retired, but we know he’ll never play in the NHL again. So what does he do with his days?

We know Price is an avid fisherman and hunter, but he recently decided to clean up his old act.

In an Instagram story, he recounts how he found a rope given to him by a young fan “about 12 years ago” at a game in Edmonton.

The fan had asked him for a stick in exchange for said rope, and Price posted a video to explain that he still has it :

In the video, Price talks about a “little guy” who has surely become a “big guy”.

I don’t know why, but I laughed at the way he said it.

I really hope the fan in question saw that Price called him out. And if he did, I really wonder what his reaction was…

It must be special, at least.

Kudos to Carey Price, honestly. It just goes to show once again what a great personality he has.

In gusto

– Good news.

– KK flew his grandparents to Carolina:

– Nice.

– Right. Another case…

– He has to score.

– I like the comment.

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