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Cayden Primeau shows off her Sunday hands in training
Tomorrow night, the Canadiens take on the Minnesota Wild.

We imagine that this game, Marc-André Fleury’s (potentially) last against the Montreal Canadiens, will be the scene of another significant game on the bench for Flower.

But we digress.

For the Habs, it’s still too early to say which goaltender will get the chance to face the Wild. We suspect it will be either Cayden Primeau or Samuel Montembeault, who are expected to play the last two games before Christmas, but which goalie will get which game?

All this to say that regardless of his status for tomorrow’s game, Cayden Primeau jumped on the ice this noon with the intention of practicing other aspects of his game.

Which is? Receiving shots. He got out his Sunday hands… and frankly, he’s got (like Carey Price used to have) a pretty good shot for a guy who shoots with a mitt, a blocker, goalie gear and a big stick. Too bad the Habs don’t need another forward…

Note that he received shots from Jake Allen. The two goaltenders jumped on the ice together before practice.

And that practice was uneventful. 13 forwards, including the 12 who played on Monday and Emil Heineman, were there. So were the three goalies. The six regular defensemen, Gustav Lindstrom and Jordan Harris were also present.

It’s worth noting that the Habs practiced the power play during the session, which is a good idea. Although it went well on Monday, it’s still a work in progress.

Practice makes perfect, as they say.

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