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I like to see the Rocket’s new goalie so present on social networks
In the last few days, the Laval Rocket has signed (on a trial basis, but still) goaltender Kasimir Kaskisuo.

But who is he? He’s a goalie who’s been looking for a job, playing nowhere so far this year. He’s obviously found a short-term opportunity with Laval.

He fills the need for an experienced goaltender in Laval, where goaltenders have been in short supply since the start of the season.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

We’re talking about a Finnish goaltender who has spent years in the United States and Canada. From 2021 to 2023, he played in Europe with Leksands, Sweden.

But this year, he had nothing… and was looking for work. How do I know this? Because he told his wife when she asked him if he was ready for his new challenge.

Am I ready? I’ve been ready for six months. – Kasimir Kaskisuo

Where did he say that?

When you look at his TikTok account, you can see that Kaskisuo is a major content creator. He publishes numerous videos related to his job as a goalkeeper, among other things.

@kasimirkaskisuo After 9 months, i finally have a job and it’s time to start my 8th pro season with @Rocket Laval #hockey #goalie #nhl #ahl #proathlete #montreal #lavalrocket #hockeytok ♬ original sound – Kasimir Kaskisuo | Pro Goalie

In one of his videos, we see the preparation process behind a guy like him signing a PTO in the AHL. To simply “appear” overnight in the Rocket environment, there’s preparation galore.

Not to mention the fact that he’s leaving his family behind.

Whether it’s images of training or his departure for Quebec, he publishes content that isn’t necessarily usual from a pro player… but I like it. Why do I like it?

Because it takes us behind the scenes of hockey.

You might say that Kasimir Kaskisuo isn’t the player to whom fans will be most attached in the history of the Rocket, but the player’s mentality is interesting to the public all the same. He’s less conservative than others in his sport, anyway.

And who knows, we might learn something from one of his videos…


– Indeed.

– Nolan Patrick in retirement.

– Enjoy your reading.

– Did it?

– Absolutely.

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