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New coach: David Reinbacher plays four minutes less per game
After a difficult start to the season, EHC Kloten has decided to fire its head coach.

The news caused a stir here, as David Reinbacher returned to Europe with the aim of being coached by a coach who was believed in in Montreal.

We knew that Gerry Flemming would give him plenty of ice time… But we realize that the club’s former pilot was perhaps giving Reinbacher a bit too much.

The defenseman picked up an assist today in his club’s loss, giving him four points in his last five games.

GM Larry Mitchell, who is replacing Fleming (on an interim basis) behind the club’s bench, has cut Reinbacher’s playing time by about four minutes per game…

And it’s obviously working.

The Habs wanted to prioritize their young player’s progression, and it’s by getting ice time that he’ll improve.

However, there’s a difference between getting good playing time and being overtaxed game after game.

EHC Kloten need to put Reinbacher in a situation where he can be successful, and that’s not going to happen by burning the youngster.

By playing a little less, the defenseman can better control his energy on the ice, and that too is important to know before making the jump to the NHL.

Basically, he gains experience. That’s how I see it.

It should be remembered that the Canadian prospect refused to take part in the World Junior Championship because he wanted to concentrate on his development.

The WJC experience would have been great, but the problem was that his country wasn’t playing in the top division this year. He would have wasted his time playing in a lower league in Switzerland.

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