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The Canadiens are two points away from a playoff spot and can thank their goaltenders.
We all agree that not many people predicted that at Christmas, the Habs would still be in the running for a ticket to the spring dance.

Yet here we are on December 19… And the Habs are two points behind the Capitals and the final playoff spot.

It’s a miracle!

Seriously, you have to tip your hat to the Habs for finding ways to win. Many expected it to be a particularly tough season, just like last year, and Kirby Dach’s injury at the very start of the campaign clearly made it look like it was going to be pretty tough.

But if the Habs are where they are today, it’s because of their goaltending. All three goalies have been stealing victories since the start of the season:

Still, it’s pretty interesting because it shows that the ménage à trois, well… It works.

Jake Allen picked up his first win in almost two months last night, but the club has let him down a few times in that time.

Is this ideal for using all three goalies? Of course not.

But does it still allow the goalkeepers to do their jobs and perform well? The answer is yes.

There’s still lots and lots of hockey to be played between now and the end of the NHL regular season, but it’s questionable whether the Habs and their goalies will be able to keep up.

One fact remains, however. The Habs are progressing by leaps and bounds, and that’s what’s important. The club finds itself above the Senators and Sabres in the standings, two teams that are supposed to have completed their respective rebuilds…

That’s a good sign, at least.

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– Superb.

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– Cha-ching.

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