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Justin Barron’s parents happy to fly to Winnipeg

The Tricolore set foot in Winnipeg earlier today, and to say the least, the climate is far from ideal. As we all know, Manitoba is not only cold, it’s also not the hottest city in the NHL. However, Justin Barron’s father will be delighted to take some time off to visit the Canada Life Centre tomorrow night.

Why do you ask? Because his two sons will cross swords as the Tricolore embark on their annual holiday tour, and he’s taken some vacation time to get there, as Jean-François Chaumont of Le Journal de Montréal reports.

“My mom just retired as a nurse and my dad is still working in sales (at Graybar Canada) in Nova Scotia. He didn’t hesitate long to take time off to make the trip to Winnipeg happen.”

This will be the third duel between the two brothers, Justin’s team having won the first two, most recently 4-3.

It’s already quite a feat to have one son in the NHL, imagine having 2. What’s even more interesting is that Justin Barron has played a key role in the Habs defense for several weeks now. Paired with Kaiden Guhle, he’s playing a lot of minutes, and while not always a masterpiece, he’s doing what it takes to leapfrog Johnathan Kovacevic and Gustav Lindstrom in the pecking order.

For his part, Morgan plays a supporting role in Winnipeg, but his team is doing very well, while the Jets are one of the NHL’s powerhouses.

As Chaumont reports, the two Barron brothers have been very competitive since they were very young, both in hockey and even golf. They’ve had very different career paths. Despite this, Justin was inspired by his brother’s perseverance, who overcame many obstacles to reach the NHL.

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