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Jonathan Drouin says he lives a more open life
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Jonathan Drouin is like a little fish in water!

To sum up the subtitle of this brief post about Jonathan Drouin, this is just one measure of how well the Quebecer is doing in his new environment. Jo Drou is regaining his confidence, and it’s easy to see with the simple eye test. The 27 is increasingly dynamic.

That said, in an interview with Guillaume Lefrançois (La Presse) following the game against the Winnipeg Jets last Saturday, Drouin mentioned two things that are very important to me (and my ears):

First of all, it’s really good for him to evolve anonymously in Denver. A place where the team’s fans aren’t as intense with him. In Montreal, as a Quebecer, if you’re not a Steve Bégin, you have to perform… and Drouin has been unable to live up to fans’ expectations in this regard.

Drouin speaks of a more “open” life, a situation that does him a world of good:

“Hockey’s still big, but you can get away from it. I can go to the butcher’s now and ask the butcher what kind of steak he got this week. My life is a little more open, more relaxed.” – Drouin

Number 27 feels less stifled on several levels. He no longer has to be a leader, since that role belongs to Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar and Mikko Rantanen. What’s more, with such dominant pawns, Drouin finds himself part of a group that has won and still has a thirst for triumph.

“It’s pretty much what I expected. It’s even a little better,” believes Drouin. The guys are hungry, they want to win, they experienced it two years ago. They know the feeling of winning. As newcomers, we’ve been well integrated. Coach is good.” – Drouin

Some may see this as a dig at the Montreal Canadiens and Martin St-Louis, but I get the impression that he’s simply expressing his feelings about his group, without any ulterior motives.

Before I leave you with another text, take note that Drouin played a few games with his good friend Nathan MacKinnon this season. However, at the time of writing, he finds himself on the second trio with Ryan Johansen and Ben Meyers, which isn’t bad!

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