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Russia: a trainer beats up a man in front of children (and the game resumes)
Unusual things are happening all over the world of sport.

The kind of videos and stories that make you think: what the heck?

It’s often in lesser-known leagues that funny, ridiculous and sometimes even frightening and dangerous events take place.

In hockey, it’s usually in garage leagues, but sometimes it happens in professional leagues too, as was unfortunately the case with the Adam Johnson incident.

More recently, it was even at the minor level, in a children’s hockey league, that a tragic story occurred, whenan 11-year-old died after receiving a puck to the throat.

Our condolences once again to the victim’s family and loved ones.

And if we stay with the minors, well, yesterday in Russia, we were treated to an unusual scene, to say the least, when the coach of a minor team beat up a coach of the opposing team in front of the children.

Here’s the scene.

Here you can see Pavel Platonov beating up Nikita Larionov, while the match is in progress between the Soviet Wings and the Red Machine Junior.

The young children are shocked, but immediately after the altercation, the match resumes as if nothing had happened.

We don’t know the nature of the altercation or the reason behind it, but as far as we know, it started with a verbal argument.

Obviously, the coach’s team has stated that there will be sanctions, but that first of all the coach’s point of view will be listened to, and that the situation will be investigated, given that this clearly didn’t happen out of nowhere.

The investigation will uncover the causes of the brawl.

We’ve also learned that Platonov has been suspended from work, and in the next few days will even be fired.

Here’s his official apology.

Am I the only one who thinks he apologizes to everyone but the man he beat up?

Anyway, it’s a pretty crazy story that unfolded yesterday in Russia in a minor league game.

It’s pretty crazy to think that adults can’t control themselves, especially in front of children.

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