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Wild: DG Bill Guerin investigated for verbal abuse of employee

Throughout his career, Bill Guerin hasn’t always been a choirboy.

The proof: a few years ago, he allegedly tried to cover up a sexual assault affair with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And more recently, he was again involved in a verbal assault. Numerous sources have confirmed to The Athletic that it was Andrew Heydt, the team’s Director of Operations, who filed the complaint against the GM.

This news comes just one day after the sudden departure of Guerin’s right-hand man, Chris O’Hearn.

The incident is said to have occurred at the end of November and the investigation is said to be concluded, as of today.

The two lawyers in charge of the case have reportedly given the details of the investigation to the Wild’s top brass, who have evidently concluded that there is no grounds for dismissal.

This is good news for Bill Guerin, who, according to the file, verbally abused Andrew Heydt, the team’s Director of Operations and Player Relations. Heydt has been on the job for 10 years and must interact with Guerin on a daily basis.

While the investigation was underway, Guerin was absent from the organization’s entourage. In fact, he distanced himself from the team’s entourage on the road and from certain professional activities.

As Michael Russo pointed out in his text, this is a little strange from the outside, considering that this was John Hynes’ first major trip at the helm of the team.

The Wild commented on the “classic message” after a controversy, without more:

The Minnesota Wild takes its code of conduct seriously. We have recently concluded two separate investigations into alleged violations of this code of conduct, and have taken appropriate steps to address the matters brought to our attention. The club will make no further comment.

The General Manager, who I repeat will remain in his position, has not commented on the situation.

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