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Josh Anderson: the Habs should have traded him when he was playing well, says Tony Marinaro

Josh Anderson’s last real goal was on March 13, 2023.

He scored the next day, in a game presented in Pittsburgh… But he scored his goal in an empty net.

We know he has a goal this season… But we know that goal was (also) scored when the opposing team pulled their goalie.

Martin St-Louis was clear today when talking about his player. Even if things aren’t going well offensively, the plan is to continue trusting him. Those who want to see Anderson left out will have to be patient… And in any case, it’s not as if the Habs have many options to replace him.

After all, you have to wonder if being left out of the picture will really help him down the road.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change, by the way: this time last year, Anderson was being talked about as a super-interesting piece for Kent Hughes as the trade deadline approached.

It was said that teams would be interested in adding the services of a powerhouse to their respective lineups because we’ve seen how useful Anderson can be to a lineup in the playoffs.

Above all, it was said that the Habs’ GM would be able to get a lot of money for his power forward.

That’s exactly why Tony Marinaro thinks the Habs missed out. Here’s what he said on JiC’s show:

Again, they should have traded him last year when he was doing well. He was playing good hockey.

At 28-29, you’re not going to change who you are, either in life or as a professional athlete. Josh Anderson, he shows up two times out of four. – Tony Marinaro

With Josh Anderson’s lack of success, it’s hard to believe his value is good right now.

Let’s not forget that the forward earns a salary of $5.5M per year, and that his contract expires at the end of the 26-27 season…

Yikes. I don’t see why a club would decide to shoot itself in the foot like that, and I can’t imagine Kent Hughes handcuffing himself to his payroll by keeping part of his salary for the next three and a half years.

It just doesn’t fit in with his plan or his way of thinking.

There’s no quick fix with the striker, and we’re all anxious to see him score a (real) goal. Because we agree that it’s not a question of effort, and it’s not because he doesn’t get the opportunities either.

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