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At first glance, Mason McTavish thought Connor Bedard was bad.
Connor Bedard was selected first overall in the last draft because of his undeniable talent.

His prowess was on display last year at the World Junior Championship: Bedsy impressed with his feints, his goals and the points he collected in the tournament.

When you watched him play before he came to the NHL, you noticed he was a notch above the rest wherever he played. He was dominant in the WHL, and he was just as dominant when he wore Canada’s colors.

Mason McTavish had the opportunity to play with him twice, at the World U-18 Championship (2020-2021) and the World Junior Championship (2021-2022).

The Ducks forward, who appeared on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, confided that he initially thought Bedard was bad because he had trouble keeping up.

McTavish claims that in the first game they played together at the U-18 World Championship, Bedard looked lost on the ice:

The first game, I thought he was no good. […] He wasn’t able to make plays, so I wondered, who is he? – Mason McTavish

Time is of the essence.

McTavish soon realized that he was in the wrong, thinking that about the man who has now become one of his good buddies.

Bedard still finished the tournament with 14 points (seven goals), three more than McTavish… Hehe.

But it’s worth remembering that Bedard was younger than the rest of the group at the U-18 World Championship, and perhaps a little stressed at the start. He certainly wanted to make a good impression, and maybe he wanted to do too much too.

In any case. All this to say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and Mason McTavish learned that the hard way.

It’s still a good story, though. And I’m sure McTavish will be telling it again in a few years’ time if Bedard performs up to the enormous expectations placed on him.

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