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Insuccess: Martin St-Louis has no intention of punishing Josh Anderson
Credit: Josh Anderson must return to base.

Josh Anderson has a goal this season. And as you know, it’s in an empty net.

His last goal before that was on March 14, against the Penguins. But since that was also in an empty net, you have to go back to March 13, against the Avalanche, to isolate the date of his last game with a goal.

29 games this year plus four games last year, after the one against Denver: that’s 33 games with Josh Anderson in uniform without seeing him beat a goalie.

No, his goal 10 days ago against the Kraken didn’t give him wings after all.

If he had three or four goals to his name, we’d be crying that he’s having a bad season. I’m not saying we don’t do it, but there’s also a feeling of pity towards the player, who really does seem incapable of scoring.

And that feeling wouldn’t be there if he’d beaten a goalkeeper this year. We agree on that.

Yesterday, we saw the player miss the target at certain moments in the game when he had a good chance of finding the back of the net. But he has to hold his stick so tightly that…

But hey. At least he’s working hard to get out of it.

That’s why Martin St-Louis, asked about it in a press conference, said he had no intention of punishing his powerhorse for his failings.

Anderson, who saw no fewer than 11 guys get their chance before him in yesterday’s shootout, works hard and doesn’t deserve to lose his place right now, according to Martin St-Louis. Anderson is not about to be left out.

Basically, when you read this, it makes sense. He’s a well-liked veteran and he’s working hard in what he describes as a difficult situation.

That said, the NHL is a results league. And frankly, seeing Anderson get more than 17 minutes of playing time in these conditions still makes me cringe a little.

I’m not the biggest Jesse Ylönen fan, but when I see him play 10 minutes less than the Ontarian during a game (as was the case yesterday), I have to wonder. Don’t you?

While I can understand Martin St-Louis not wanting to put him down, the fact remains that he’s there to score. And even Elliotte Friedman is starting to feel bad for him…

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