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“If you want to win, offer a first-round pick for David Savard”

A team that wants to win the Stanley Cup doesn’t necessarily need to add two star players to its attack, as this would destabilize the established order over the course of the season.

Two pieces of robotics for those who guessed I was talking about last season’s Rangers.

A club that wants to win the Cup must look for complementary pieces to stabilize certain aspects of the game. For example? A guy who plays short-handed.

The goal? Not to destroy chemistry. On the contrary: it’s better to bring in a guy who will help make the team culture even stronger.

I don’t know if you thought of David Savard when you read my intro, but let’s just say he fits right in. The Canadiens defenseman, freshly returned to action recently, could be a great addition to any team.

David Pagnotta was talking about it yesterday: by 2024, his name is sure to be on the lips of more and more people.

Obviously, the Habs will have to decide whether or not to trade their defenseman. But if the answer is yes, Kent Hughes could have some good offers on the table for him.

At $3.5 million a year for another 18 months, he’s no pushover.

If the Habs decide to trade him, it’s not impossible to think that the club might be able to pick up a first-round pick in return for his services.

Sometimes, a player at the end of his contract is more valuable… but don’t forget that next year, the cap will rise considerably.

According to what Craig Button told Tony Marinaro on the Sick Podcast, a club that really wants to get serious has to tell itself that the defender is worth a first-round pick.

That way, it stabilizes your club.

Remember that in 2021, the Blue Jackets had traded Savard, at 50% of his salary, to the Red Wings (so that the latter could keep a portion of his contract), and then to the Lightning.

Tampa Bay offered a fourth-round pick to the Wings for salary withholding, but gave a first- and third-round pick to the Jackets to acquire the Quebecer.

That year, Savard and the Lightning won the Stanley Cup. Who were they up against? Oh yes: the club that went after him a few weeks later, the Canadiens.

An important decision awaits the Habs’ management.

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