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Training: five absent for a day of treatments (including Cayden Primeau)
This morning, the Canadiens are holding a training session in Brossard.

Technically, you’d expect to see 23 guys (three goalies, seven defensemen and 13 forwards) on the ice. After all, these are the 23 guys in the active line-up.

We’re talking about the 18 skaters from yesterday’s game, Gustav Lindstrom, Emil Heineman and the three goalies.

That said, in any season, injuries happen. Once in a while, we’re going to see a few guys get a day off from training to undergo treatment.

And this morning, the Habs announced that no less than five players would have a day off for treatment.

We’re talking about three forwards (Christian Dvorak, Jake Evans and Brendan Gallagher), Quebec defenseman Mike Matheson… and goaltender Cayden Primeau.

Should we be surprised to see Brendan Gallagher’s name there? No. Yesterday, he left the game for a while with a boo-boo. But he came back in the game.

Mike Matheson sometimes misses training sessions, so it’s not surprising to see him absent. Nor should it be surprising to see Dvorak or Evans, for example.

But Primeau [Insert your “he doesn’t play enough to get hurt” joke here].

The Habs’ #3 goalie didn’t look injured in the last few days, but that doesn’t mean anything either. We don’t have any details about his injury as such.

Note that yesterday, it was he – and not Jake Allen – who was dressed as goalie #2.

Normally, if we follow the goalie rotation, it would be his turn to play at home on Saturday. Is it too early to assume that he’ll skip his turn? And if so, which goalie will play?

Details to follow…

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