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Hockey Canada scandal: Almost all partners are back on board
The Hockey Canada scandal has shaken the hockey world over the past two years.

We’re still awaiting the verdict of the investigation into the alleged gang rape, by the way.

Without going into too much detail, as we already know, most of the sponsors of the Canadian ice hockey federation had decided to stay away so as not to be linked to an organization facing such accusations.

It should be remembered that the organization has been accused of ignoring complaints of sexual assault… And we have also learned that Hockey Canada had three funds in the past which were used to cover up cases of sexual assault.

Tim Hortons, Esso, Telus, Bauer, Nike, Lordco Auto Parts, William Huff Advertising… All these major companies have distanced themselves from Hockey Canada to avoid damaging their respective images, which makes sense.

But just over a year later, things have changed.

Things have changed to the point where all Hockey Canada’s partners are almost back… except Nike.

Hockey Canada is committed to changing the culture of hockey in this country, and the partners seem to be going along with the plan.

Telus spokesperson Saara Rahikka, for example, says the phone company wants to “encourage change to make sport safer and more inclusive for everyone”.

Tim Hortons spokesman Michael Oliveira, meanwhile, maintains that the restaurant chain has re-established its relationship with Hockey Canada because the Canadian hockey federation “seems to have made concrete progress in regaining the trust of Canadians”. At least, that’s what we read in an article in La Presse.

Oh well.

It’s funny, but it seems to me that Hockey Canada is treading water at the moment.

It’s all well and good to want to change the culture… But it takes change to make it happen. And with what we’ve been seeing and hearing for the past two years in arenas across the country, we understand that there’s still a long way to go to succeed in this mission.


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