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Doug Armstrong says Blues haven’t improved since he took over
The Blues have a 13-14-1 record so far this season.

The club has lost its last four games and the organization has decided to take action: Craig Berube was fired last night after the team’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

Blues GM Doug Armstrong went before the media today to address the situation and made his mea-culpa. Why did he do this?

In his eyes, the St. Louis organization has not progressed since he took office:

If I get fired within an hour, or hit by a bus within an hour, I don’t feel today that I’ve left it any better than I found it. It’s a horrible feeling. – Doug Armstrong

In my opinion, Armstrong is far too hard on himself.

The man has been GM of the Blues since the 2010-2011 season, and it’s true that the team has gone through some tough times under his watch.

On the other hand…

Doug Armstrong seems to have forgotten that he built a team that won the Stanley Cup Final in 2019, four years ago.

To his credit, even Blues fans wanted to remind him:

Doug Armstrong has every right to be disappointed with his team’s current performance, but he shouldn’t overlook everything he’s contributed to the organization in recent years.

A Stanley Cup is a big deal. Especially since the Blues had never won the big honours before 2019…

But having said that, I have a lot of respect for the man because he’s not afraid to take the blame.

It takes a lot of courage to say such things publicly.


– Impressive, though.

– Bravo !

– Hey boy.

– Please note.

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