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Relocation: NHL gives Coyotes deadline

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Relocation: NHL gives Coyotes deadline
The Coyotes are doing everything they can to stay in Arizona.

To that end, the organization is finalizing the purchase of land in Phoenix for the construction of a new arena.

Mullett Arena isn’t an NHL amphitheatre, after all, and the Coyotes must comply with league rules.

The organization is expected to announce plans for the new arena in January. We don’t know the location of the field yet…

What we do know, however, is that the NHL could ultimately make a decision if the plans are not unveiled by the end of January.

The league has given the Coyotes a deadline, according to an article in The Athletic:

At the NHL Board of Governors meeting, it was “either the Coyotes finally produce a concrete plan by the end of January, or the team could be moved.” – Joe Smith

For years and years, people have been saying that the NHL needs to settle the Coyotes’ case in Arizona because it tarnishes the NHL’s image.

And now, finally, Gary Bettman seems to have got the message.

We know that Quebec City, Houston, Salt Lake City and Atlanta have all shown interest in obtaining an NHL club, and these cities will be the ones to watch if the Coyotes are ever relocated.

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Coyotes’ future in Arizona, and the next few months are likely to be quite revealing in terms of what lies ahead for the desert outfit.

But the fact that the NHL and Gary Bettman have got their knickers in a twist is good news. It’s also a step in the right direction towards improving the league’s image.


– Impressive, though.

– Promising.

– I especially like her choice of shoes.

– The NHL and promoting its stars don’t fit in the same sentence.

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