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Homophobic remarks: Chicago Wolves head coach suspended for 10 games
Bob Nardella is head coach of the Chicago Wolves.

The name may not be familiar to you, and that’s okay. We’re talking about a guy who joined the Wolves organization in 2014 as an assistant coach and has been the club’s pilot since the start of this season.

Why am I talking about him on this Tuesday afternoon? Because the main man involved has been suspended 10 games by the American League after using homophobic language.

The incident took place during a game against the Dallas Stars school team on December 9.

Nardolla was ejected from the match for being too intense with the referees:

The American League decided to crack down on Nardella, and it absolutely had to.

A release from the league reads that the AHL chose to go in this direction because it is committed to building a healthy, inclusive culture free from abuse, harassment and any form of unethical behavior .

Because we agree that this kind of business has no place in the world of professional sports, or in life in general.

It will always fascinate me, though, to see that it’s almost 2024 and there are still some people who don’t get the message.

For the record, the Wolves are not affiliated with any NHL club. So I can’t wait to see if the organization makes a decision about Nardella’s future.

The Wolves are not affiliated with the Blackhawks… But it’s still ironic to see something like this happen to another professional team from Chicago.

Need I remind you of everything that has happened in the Hawks organization over the past three years?


– He’s in good company.

– Logan Couture thought his career was over.

– Hein!

– Again?

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