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Juraj Slafkovsky was not demoted to Laval… Thanks to Martin St-Louis

Juraj Slafkovsky’s progress is notable.

Even if he doesn’t collect any points, the young man is improving at lightning speed and that’s cool to see.

He seemed to be treading water at the start of this season, and the idea of sending him back to Laval was discussed at length. It was said at the time that a stint in the AHL could have helped him gain confidence for the future.

But in Martin St-Louis’ eyes, it wasn’t necessary.

The coach was confident that Slaf would eventually unblock, and it was thanks to the coach that he didn’t have to take the shuttle to Laval.

At least, that’s what we learn in an article by Alexandre Gascon (Radio-Canada):

When everything seemed to be going against Juraj Slafkovsky, when even the other coaches were indulging in thinly veiled criticism, Martin St-Louis insisted: the young man was about to come out of his shell and he asked the organization to continue the Slovak’s development in the NHL. – Alexandre Gascon

On the face of it, it looks like the right decision.

Slafkovsky is settling in, and for the past few games, not only has he looked like an NHL player… He’s also the best forward in Marton St-Louis’ line-up.

In Laval, things have been tough all season. The Rocket won their first game in ten outings on Saturday afternoon, and you have to wonder whether the arrival of a guy like Slafkovsky would have made a difference.

Would the environment have been really favorable for him to gain confidence, though?

Martin St-Louis has put him in a position to succeed, and Slaf is answering the call. Kirby Dach and Ale Newhook’s injury may have opened a big door for him, but the important thing is that he is able to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate his skills.

And that’s exactly what he’s been doing for the past few games.

– Right. Another problem concerning the Olympic Park in Montreal.

– To be continued.

– Joakim Kemell is not expected to participate in the World Junior Championship.

– Unbelievable.

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