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Canadiens worst NHL team for goals scored by forwards

The Canadiens’ defensemen have contributed to the team’s success so far this season by scoring goals.

The Habs rank second in the NHL for goals scored by defensemen (21), which is good news in itself.

But offensively, it’s more difficult. Much more difficult, in fact.

The Canadiens’ forwards are struggling to keep pace: they’ve scored just 52 goals so far this season, putting them at the very bottom of the NHL in this regard.

Yes, the Habs are doing worse than the Sharks.

It’s tough on the power play, and it’s tough five-on-five.

Alex Newhook is the club’s leading scorer at five-on-five so far this season, with six goals and nine points in 23 games. Suzuki also has nine points since the start of the season in similar circumstances…

But when you consider that Newhook and Suzuki are ranked 175th and 204th respectively in the NHL in this regard, you realize just how hard the Habs’ forwards are working.

It’s almost pitiful.

Suzuki and Sean Monahan lead the Tricolore in goals scored with eight, but at this rate, they’ll end the season with (roughly) 23 goals apiece.

It’s often said that the Canadiens are sorely lacking in natural attacking talent… Here’s proof.

The club has yet to find the player who will score 80 or more points per season, and has yet to find the player who can lead the club offensively. Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield have proved in the past that they can be good offensive players, but it takes more than that.

It’s impossible, after all, for the Habs to compete right now with today’s Leafs, Kings or Rangers, all of whom can count on three trios capable of giving it their all offensively.

Injuries to Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook aren’t helping at the moment. That said, it’s up to other players to give more, and Cole Caufield comes to mind here, having scored just three goals in almost seven weeks.

But all this still makes you realize that the Habs still have many, many pieces to put together if they are to be one of the NHL’s best offensive teams.

Breaking news

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