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Training : Joel Armia takes Michael Pezzetta’s place

On Thursday night, the Canadiens were outclassed across the board by the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings completely stifled the CH’s play and took advantage of just about every mistake made by Martin St-Louis’ team.

It was a very, very painful game for the Tricolore.

The club has so many injuries at the moment, which prevents it from making major changes to its line-up. With David Savard still sidelined, Mattias Norlinder obviously there to warm the bench and the goaltending trio, options are slim.

That said, there was one change to the line-up this morning: Joel Armia practiced on the fourth line in place of Michael Pezzetta.

We’ll wait for confirmation from Martin St-Louis (who should be here in the next hour), but it looks like Armia will be back in the line-up. Michael Pezzetta’s return will therefore have lasted just one short game.

Does the CH coach want to “stir the pot”, or is removing Pezzetta from the line-up a “punishment” for his pathetic and completely unnecessary late-game fight with Andreas Englund on Thursday night?

There was absolutely no point: the game was over, there was no need to “prepare for the next game” or anything like that. I’m willing to believe that this is Pezz’s way of whipping his troops, but it won’t go down in history.

What’s more, as we learned yesterday, Cayden Primeau will be the starting goaltender tonight. He trained that way this morning, anyway.


For the Sabres, Rasmus Dahlin returns to the lineup after a one-game absence.

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