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Rumour involving Meghan Markle: Michael Del Zotto has already been targeted by the paparazzi

In recent weeks, the subject of false rumors has been the talk of the sports world. Yesterday, we saw it in the MLB with the “Shohei Ohtani plane” saga (which wasn’t his, despite information reported by a credible insider ), but we also saw it in the NHL with the Corey Perry saga.

The crazy rumors about Perry and Connor Bedard’s mother were downright disgusting, and I can’t even imagine what it was like for the kid and his family.

That said, false rumors are nothing new in the world of sports, and Michael Del Zotto has learned that the hard way in recent years. Appearing on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, he went back over a crazy story he got involved in despite himself, when he was targeted by the paparazzi for a rumor that he once had a romantic relationship with… Meghan Markle.

And that affected his life (and that of his family) in a big way.

For the record, Del Zotto was a friend of Rick Hoffman, an actor who shared the screen with Meghan Markle in the series Suits. Inevitably, then, the latter ended up meeting Del Zotto, and the three became good friends, with photos on social networks to prove it.

And obviously, that’s all it took to set the world on fire. As the actress’s marriage to Trevor Engelson drew to a close, poor Del Zotto was outright harassed by paparazzi who wanted to know if he was romantically involved with Markle, which obviously came as a surprise to him.

He was outright followed by paparazzi, who even found the phone number and called the former defender’s mother to try and get her off the hook on the subject. And when his team-mates saw what was going on and asked him questions, Del Zotto had this to say:

I’m not sure. Apparently, I’m either dating Meghan Markle or married to her.

At least he seems to have been able to take it with a bit of humor.

But then again, it demonstrates the dangers that come with such speculation. For no real reason, Del Zotto and his family were harassed for a while, which was clearly not a pleasant experience.

He seems to have handled it well, but for others, it can have devastating effects, really.


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