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The Canadiens have yet to receive an offer for Primeau and Allen
Which of Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau will be sacrificed by the Habs organization?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind after watching Samuel Montembeault sign his new contract with the CH last week.

The Habs like their two goalies because they’re different: Primeau has interesting potential, and Allen’s leadership is important in the dressing room.

There have been several trade rumours in recent weeks concerning the two key players (especially in Edmonton), and Pierre LeBrun set the record straight today on the Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez show (BPM Sports).

And it’s pretty clear:

According to my sources yesterday, the Habs haven’t made an offer for either of them yet. That’s not to say that people aren’t calling, but to say that there has been a concrete offer, it hasn’t happened yet (for the Habs). – Pierre LeBrun

Discussions will intensify the closer we get to the trade deadline.

And the longer it goes without a trade… the more I get the feeling that Allen will be the one to go.

The veteran could be perfect for an aspiring club looking to improve in front of the net. He has NHL experience and knows what it takes to go the distance.

He has a Stanley Cup ring, after all. And that experience is worth a lot in the NHL playoffs.

Unless a non-playoff club takes a really hard hit, I can’t see Cayden Primeau being traded because the Habs like his progress and because the Habs believe (a lot) in him.

Stanley Cup contenders won’t be interested in the young goalie because he hasn’t yet proven himself in the NHL. If he is traded, in my opinion, it’s to a team looking to improve over the long term and willing to be patient with him.

In gusto

– It’s true that it works well.

– The Canucks have been very aggressive on the transaction market in recent years. Will they be again this season?

– Interesting analysis.

– One thing at a time.

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