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Louis Domingue really wanted to play for the Canadiens
The Canadiens have too many goalies in the NHL, as you know. Samuel Montembeault is probably here to stay, but the CH is probably trying to trade Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau.

Primeau, who will be on duty tomorrow in Buffalo, and Allen have both had their names bandied about lately.

Does this mean the threesome is coming to an end? Let’s hope so, since it’s hard on everyone in the organization… but it depends on the market.

We all agree that, in an ideal world, one goalie (Jake Allen? Cayden Primeau? Your guess is as good as mine) would go to the waivers and remain unclaimed. This would solve the problem at the top and provide depth at the bottom.

Because the problem with trading a guy is that the depth afterwards is thin. Jakub Dobes isn’t ready to play in the NHL if the CH has to recall a guy, let’s say.

Clearly, the Rocket would benefit from having a veteran who can play in Montreal, but who can also back up Jakub Dobes and Strauss Mann. The Rocket goalies don’t have it this season.

On paper, a veteran like Louis Domingue could be a perfect candidate. And it’s not as if he wouldn’t want to play for the Montreal Canadiens.

Visiting Laval with the Rangers’ club-school, the Quebecer made it clear to Anthony Marcotte, who covers the Rocket for BPM Sports, that he would have loved the chance to play in the CH organization.

The goalkeeper even goes so far as to say that he has expressed his interest several times in the past, but has never received a response. So he’s not on management’s radar.

But as Anthony Marcotte says, the Rocket could really use one right now.

In an ideal world, the Habs would trade Jake Allen and get Louis Domingue, who would help the Rocket and, to his delight, bring depth to the Habs.

Warning: I’m not saying trade one for the other. Jake Allen earns $3.85 million a year until 2025 and Louis Domingue earns $775,000 this year. The Rangers don’t have room under the cap. They don’t need a threesome with Allen. Shall I continue?

But in two transactions or in a three-team treaty, it would be ideal. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it would be ideal.

The Rocket is having a tough season, and let’s just say a little leadership on that team wouldn’t hurt anyone. In my opinion, the Rocket misses Alex Belzile right now…

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