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Plane: “Shohei Ohtani in Toronto” is the new Peter Karmanos in Quebec City

Do you remember a few years ago, when hockey fans still believed in their chances of seeing the Carolina Hurricanes move to the Centre Vidéotron in Quebec City?

It was a long time ago, but it left a lasting impression.

After all, things were going badly there, and we knew there was a possibility. Today, we no longer believe that an American club can cross the border like the Thrashers in 2011, and land in Quebec City.

But when we believed it, all the signs were good. And let’s just say that, at the time, watching the planes of the Canes’ owner (Peter Karmanos) was the ultimate activity.

But now, the same principle applies to the Toronto Blue Jays in the MLB. And why? Because, as you may know, the Blue Jays are in the thick of the race to sign top free agent Shohei Ohtani. A decision could be made today…

The fact that a private flight is leaving Los Angeles for Toronto today is causing quite a stir, even though no one knows if Ohtani is on it. And as Michel Laprise pointed out this morning, it’s really reminiscent of the Hurricanes’ history.

The difference? The Blue Jays do have a chance of signing Ohtani. Rogers could move heaven and earth to bring Ohtani to town, as we know.

And right now, it’s the talk of the town in Toronto. Even Max Domi is the talk of the town after posting this.

Everywhere on social networks, it’s all about him. There’s even a man, whose credibility has to be called into question, who claims that Yusei Kikuchi has reserved 50 seats at a chic Toronto restaurant tonight.

Of course, there are doubts about this.

Kikuchi is a Blue Jays starting pitcher who’s in town these days, and Ohtani idolized the guy a bit in his younger days. They’re from the same area, and there’s every indication that Kikuchi was involved in the process of convincing Ohtani to sign in town.

To be continued, then… but via informants: not via airplanes.

On the move

– He’s back in Laval for a few days.

– To be continued.

– Laval needs veterans. [BPM Sports]

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