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Oilers may be interested in Corey Perry

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Oilers may be interested in Corey Perry
The Corey Perry saga has been the talk of the town in recent days.

According to one crazy rumor, the player slept with Connor Bedard’s mother, but team GM Kyle Davidson denied the rumor. You have to take this statement with a grain of salt. If the rumor were true, I don’t think he would have confirmed it.

But today, we still don’t know exactly what the striker did. He did share a letter of apology, at least.

A few days ago, Chris Johnston said that Perry could return to the NHL. And that return could be with the Oilers.

That’s what Province Sports reporter Jim Matheson thinks.

Matheson hasn’t heard this information anywhere, but he believes it’s safe to assume that Ken Holland was interested in Perry.

And in recent years, the Oilers GM has proven that he’s not afraid to sign “controversial” players.

Remember that a few years ago, Evander Kane, despite his off-ice problems, got a contract from Edmonton, and that contract likely paid off. Kane collected 87 points in 106 regular-season games with the Oilers, and was a very important signing.

I’m not saying Perry will have the same impact, but he’s still a leader and could help the Oilers get back on track.

The Province Sports reporter points out, however, that Holland will have to wait for Perry’s problems to be resolved before seriously looking into the matter.

… And he’ll certainly have to thoroughly investigate what Perry did to get his contract terminated in Chicago, but if he doesn’t think it’s a serious impediment, Holland will go all-in for Perry. – Jim Matheson

Also according to Matheson, the former Canadiens forward’s age (38) wouldn’t be a factor for the Oilers’ GM.

In short, Perry’s next destination will be one to watch.

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