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Statement of the day: The Flyers are stupid and they have balls
Credit: YouTube

John Tortorella is an old-school head coach, and one of the most colorful when he’s in front of the lens. Many fans don’t appreciate him for what he is, even though Tortorella is known to be exceptional when he’s not behind the bench.

We saw another example of this last week, when a small child suffering from cancer found himself with him behind the bench of the Philadelphia Flyers:

That said, the Torts Flyers were battling Sid’s Penguins and his gang on Saturday, and the former showed their stupidity time and time again. But thanks to their balls, they managed to defeat the Pens in a shootout (4 to 3). Those words, “stupid” and “balls”, didn’t come from me, but from Torts.

Basically, he pointed out that his group made stupid mistakes and sometimes lost momentum at crucial moments, but all the while emphasized that it inhabited his balls. The soldiers who play under Torts must certainly wear their balls well, as he is very demanding when it comes to “blocking” pucks.

In this shootout victory, captain Sean Couturier’s white, orange and black-clad squad blocked no fewer than 26 shots, compared with 11 for the Pens. On top of that, they dominated the body-check column with a total of 31 to the Pens’ 23. Although this check delivered by Nicolas Deslauriers is rather comical!

Remember, Torts is fed up with legal body checks resulting in fights

All things considered, the Philadelphia Flyers are one of the surprise teams in the National Hockey League so far, battling it out among the drafted teams. At the time of writing, they have accumulated 26 points, the same number as the New York Islanders, who find themselves in 2nd place among the teams drafted in the East.

In a gust

– Brock Boeser remains at the top of the scoring charts:

– Victor Hedman is still energetic and fresh!

– Tristan Luneau will be at the Team Canada camp on December 10!

– Is Jack Campbell getting his confidence back?

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