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A first professional boxing match for Marcel Hossa

Last week, we told you abouta soccer goalkeeper who now plays hockey. This time, it’s the turn of a hockey player to switch sports. We’re talking about former Canadian Marcel Hossa, who began his professional boxing career on Saturday night.

The 42-year-old Slovakian took on a rapper by the name of Roman Grigely, and even won his fight! Here are a few highlights from the fight.

Hossa had a nosebleed during the fight, but that didn’t stop him from winning. The score looked even until the final seconds of the match, but he and Grigely clung to each other out of exhaustion. The referee separated them, but Grigely hit Hossa before the green light.

The rapper then spat his mouthguard in the direction of the former hockey player, and the official decided to end the match. Hossa won by disqualification.

Hossa was very proud of his achievement. After the match, he took time out to speak with journalists.

“Whatever the result of the fight, I was already a winner when I stepped into the ring. – Marcel Hossa

He and his brother Marian had been amateur boxers for three years, but this was the first time either had taken part in a professional fight.

Marcel Hossa had the support of some very big players for his fight. Firstly, some of the images shared on social networks came from former NHL striker Marian Gaborik!

In addition to Gaborik, Hossa could also count on the support of a certain Jaromir Jagr, who wished him luck with a short video before his first performance in the ring.

Marcel Hossa hasn’t had the same career as his brother, Marian. He spent his first three NHL seasons with the Canadiens. In that short time, he collected just 19 points in 59 games.

We wish him a much better boxing career!

In short

– He’s got to keep up the good work.

– Sad.

– A great honor for McDavid.

– Wow!

– Great night for Marchand.

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