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Rhett Pitlick already has the speed and shooting of an NHL player, according to Grant McCagg

When former Canadiens scout Grant McCagg decides to talk about a Canadiens prospect, he doesn’t pull any punches. This time, he made no secret of his praise for CH prospect Rhett Pitlick, who plays for the University of Minnesota in the NCAA, in his latest report on his blog.

In his report, McCagg explains that Pitlick already has the speed and shot of an NHL player. That’s no mean feat! In fact, he thinks he can beat any goalie, whether in the NCAA or the NHL.

In 16 games this season, the University of Minnesota forward scored 8 goals and 9 assists for a total of 17 points. He leads his team in assists and ranks second in points.

At 22 years of age, it’s normal for him to be so dominant this season, but it shows that he’s capable of developing well. His development may be slow, but the Rocket is there to give him time. In any case, he already has the talent, so all he has to do is find the best ways to put it to use.

This season, he even proved that he’s capable of being versatile. He plays on the first wave of the power play and on the second wave of the short-handed.

This report comes just one day after a superb performance by Pitlick, who scored a beautiful shorthanded goal on Saturday night in his team’s 6-3 loss to Penn State University.

Speed and shooting are great, but we shouldn’t forget that Pitlick also has great hands. Last season, he shocked the hockey world by completely stripping an opposing defender before scoring.

I don’t think deculotter is powerful enough in this situation. The defender literally fell to the ground because he was too off-balance.

The only problem in this story is that the Canadiens have to sign him at the end of this season, otherwise he’ll become a free agent. After so much praise, it’s not surprising to see Grant McCagg suggest that the Canadiens sign him.

A deal with the Laval Rocket could also be interesting.

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