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NHL: Hughes National League

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NHL: Hughes National League
To see three brothers play in the NHL is pretty rare. To see three brothers play in the NHL at the same time and dominate is also quite rare.

In recent years, the three Staal brothers (Eric, Jordan and Marc) have all made their mark on the league in their own way. Eric was one of the best forwards for so long, Jordan won several Stanley Cups and Marc Staal was very solid. And Jared… he’s never been able to make a name for himself.

But now, the Staals are at the end of their careers: Eric isn’t playing anymore, Jordan isn’t the 40-50 point scorer he once was and Marc isn’t a first- or second-pair defenseman anymore.

They may have passed the torch to an even better trio of brothers. Indeed, the Hughes brothers are dominant, very dominant.

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Jack, Quinn and Luke are very good hockey players.

To put things in perspective, Jack has the best points-per-game rate in the whole league (1.76). He has 30 points in 17 games, and if it weren’t for the nasty injury he suffered in early November, he might well be the NHL’s top scorer at the time of writing.

He’s not the only one of the three brothers who excels, though.

Quinn is the first player to break the 30-point barrier this season. He’s also the fourth-highest scorer on the circuit. Remember, he’s a defenseman.

And even though this is his first full season on the Bettman circuit, Luke doesn’t let his big brothers intimidate him. In 22 games, he has 14 points, which isn’t bad for a 20-year-old defenseman. The opportunity to play alongside one of his brothers can only benefit him.

As noted in the Instagram post above, prior to tonight’s games, the youngest brother was the second-highest scorer among NHL rookies. Only Connor Bedard did better.

From now on, the NHL will be known as the “National Hughes League”, and I’m not referring to Kent’s family…

In short

– Well said. But Justin Barron just scored, so it’s no longer true.

– He’s not alone.

– Soon to be 1000.

– Impressive.

– At least there’s one club in the organization that’s doing well.

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