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Frank Seravalli has news about Corey Perry

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Frank Seravalli has news about Corey Perry
Corey Perry is no longer a member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

The team placed him on unconditional waivers in order to terminate his contract. Unsurprisingly, no NHL team asked for the player.

The full details of the story are still unknown, but the longer this goes on, the more information comes out about what happened.

Last I heard, Frank Seravalli mentioned an alcohol-related incident in a recent article (Daily Faceoff):

According to sources, an alcohol-related incident involving Perry occurred at an event attended by business partners and team employees. It’s still unclear exactly what happened, who witnessed it and who reported it to the team. – Frank Seravalli

The Hawks have decided not to comment on the matter – surely for legal reasons – but you could see it in Kyle Davidson’s face at yesterday’s press conference that the incident is serious.

The team wouldn’t have gotten to this point if it had been a small story, after all.

The Blackhawks played yesterday and even won their game against the Seattle Kraken, despite everything surrounding the team at the moment.

Will Perry’s controversy affect the performance/morale of the players in the clubhouse? The question must be asked.

Connor Bedard has been good all season… and arguably excellent.

It’s a shame, because the kid’s performance and output are being forgotten right now with the Corey Perry issue. And that’s likely to remain the case until more light is shed on this nebulous story.

In brief

– Our colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois was on the podcast of our friend Maxime Van Houtte:

– Sick!

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– 4-2 CH. How about you?

– Love it!

– That would be a crazy scenario.

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