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The Wild will be fined if Marc-André Fleury honors his wife with a mask
Remember when Logan Thompson wanted to put a cancer ribbon on his helmet? The time Travis Dermott defied the big bad law by putting rainbow tape on his baton?

Each time, it caused a stir because these are illegal actions in the NHL, which seems to take them more seriously than[choose the scandal of your choice] in 2023.

It all started last year when several players refused to wear rainbow jerseys when warming up. Instead of simply not forcing them to wear them, the NHL chose to prevent everyone from representing any cause on the ice.

Basically, everyone was punished because the NHL decided not to open a Pandora’s box by accepting certain causes and refusing to allow others to be put forward.

The result? In concrete terms, we see players unable to honor a noble cause because of the NHL’s refusal to approach a place where some players are placed in a… delicate position. Let’s put it this way.

The most recent example? The Wild’s Marc-André Fleury can’t honor his wife with a mask made just for her.

What you need to know is that Fleury’s wife is from the aboriginal nations, and as part of the Wild’s celebrations to honor their culture, the Quebec goaltender decided to have a mask made.

The NHL, however, has said no to wearing it… even as part of a simple warm-up.

Angered, Flower was ready to defy the rules and pay a fine to wear it. That said, he eventually learned that the Wild would also have faced a “significant” penalty had he chosen to wear it due to threats from the NHL. He’ll just have to sign it and put it up for auction.

So he won’t be able to do what he wanted. His agent, Allan Walsh, spoke about the situation on Twitter.

Obviously, at the moment, the NHL looks bad. It has chosen to place itself, once again, on the wrong side of history in the court of public opinion, and that’s not sitting well with the fans.

It was all so predictable. No?

In brief

– It’s the CH’s party of hope.

– A name to watch.

– And it’s not over, it’s just the beginning…

– He’s back.

– Enjoy.

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