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Pierre-Luc Dubois in Montreal: it would have taken Kaiden Guhle or Kirby Dach

For years, the subject of Pierre-Luc Dubois in Montreal was the talk of the town. In hindsight, it’s clear that the Habs had their eye on him as soon as he was drafted in 2016. Whether under Marc Bergevin or Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, the CH gave it a try.

When Dubois left Columbus, Bergevin was among the clubs trying to get their hands on his services. In the end, it didn’t happen and he was traded to the Winnipeg Jets.

And when he asked (again) to leave, Hughes stuck his nose in. Whether in 2022 or 2023, Dubois has been the subject of numerous rumours in Montreal.

He even came close, we understand, to being traded at the 2022 draft, which took place in Montreal. Dubois was in town at the time.

But hey. He was eventually traded to the Kings, a team with whom he signed an eight-year, $68 million contract. That put an end to the Canadiens rumours, of course.

But that doesn’t stop the name of the Quebecer, who will be in Quebec City next fall with his Kings, from being a hot topic once in a while. And on the sidelines of tomorrow’s showdown between L.A. and Montreal, Radio-Canada ‘s Alexandre Gascon chatted with him.

His mere nine points in 17 games are the talk of the town at the moment(as is his effort), but Dubois is fine. He’ll need to adapt on the ice, but he’s enjoying it.

He has no regrets about not being in Montreal, as he loves his life in California. I imagine he also knows that if he were in Montreal right now, there would be more criticism of him than in Los Angeles.

But in reality, it never really came close to becoming a reality in 2023.

Not only did the CH not submit an offer to Dubois (who had the OK to discuss a contract elsewhere than Winnipeg), but Kent Hughes never came close to agreeing a price with the Jets.

There was a lot of talk about Kirby Dach as a starting point, and Alexandre Gascon added to it. According to what he reported, the starting point for discussions was still Kirby Dach (who is now injured for the season) or Kaiden Guhle.

And that was a no for the CH.

I love Kaiden Guhle’s progression and if he can stay healthy, he’ll be quite a player. But you have to wonder if he’ll be able to stay healthy in the future.

But as much as I wanted to see Dubois in Montreal, and we know that a few defensemen will have to be traded, we all agree that Guhle in Winnipeg for Dubois would have been a no-no.

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