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Black Friday: Coyotes offer discount tickets
Yesterday was American Thanksgiving, and no games were played in the NHL.

Instead, the Canadiens will play at 12:30 p.m. today (San Jose time) and at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow (Los Angeles time). For fans currently in Quebec, we’re talking about two games at 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. respectively. Long live the USA!

But American Thanksgiving also means Black Friday in North America. Are you wondering whether you need a fourth TV in your home, or whether there’s an electronic gizmo out there to cheer you up in this shitty November?

There are also plenty of sporting organizations offering Black Friday discounts in 2023.

The Rocket is inviting fans to purchase individual tickets at a discount ranging from 20% to 40%, depending on the number of games purchased.

The Canadiens’ online sales site – Tricolore Sportsoffers discounts of up to 70% on selected apparel and promotional items.

Montreal CF has a package including two tickets to the home opener (2024) and a Samuel Piette bobblehead for $75.

The Senators will give a free ticket for a January or February game to any buyer who purchases a ticket (at $35 or more) for a game played before the end of 2023. What an offer!

Éric Girard considers doubling Kings subsidy if….

I’m kidding.

The Arizona Coyotes have launched a Black Friday campaign offering 10% off tickets to any game this season. They’re also offering $500 off all premium suite rentals.

You’ll admit, it’s quite something: the Coyotes play in a 4, 600-seat arena – some tickets give access to standing room – and they need to run Black Friday promos to try and fill their “amphitheater”.

So tickets aren’t already sold out for games at Mullett Arena!

Officially, the Coyotes have sold out every one of their home games this season…. But when the Canadiens were there earlier this month, many seats were unoccupied. We keep repeating ourselves, but every day the NHL gives Arizona a chance to be in its league, it loses a little more credibility…

It was an open secret that tickets were being sold in Glendale, before the Coyotes left town… but the fact that not all tickets are currently sold in a small university arena is simply ridiculous.

Meanwhile, in Quebec City, we’re hoping to sell out two pre-season games with no Canadian teams on the menu – in an 18,259-seat Centre Vidéotron. It just doesn’t make sense!

Yes, the NHL is making a mockery of Quebec City. And the rest of us want more…

Getting back to the Coyotes, this isn’t their first ridiculous move: they’ve been criticized for acquiring contracts for retired players every year, for being wrong about the size of some of their players, for their players daring to criticize the organization (during and after their stay there), for being cheap, for managing their social networks, for their burgundy suits at the draft, and so on.

When you’ve been looking for an oasis for a long time and haven’t found it, you have to leave the desert to avoid losing your skin. Obviously, this analogy doesn’t apply to the NHL and professional hockey…


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