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Josh Anderson has to make the most of the clash against the (poor) Sharks to finally score
Credit: Josh Anderson must return to base.

The Canadiens are having a strange week. After all, Martin St-Louis’ men didn’t play on Tuesday and Thursday, as is often the case, but on Wednesday night in Anaheim.

That was at 10 p.m. for people in Montreal.

And now, a two-in-two awaits us today and tomorrow. The games are at 3:30 p.m. (San Jose) today and 4 p.m. (Los Angeles) tomorrow. And those are Quebec times.

The result? The guys in California will play at 12:30 and 1pm local time. If that’s early for us, imagine for them.

What this means is that on this crazy Friday, the CH players won’t be practicing. Same thing tomorrow… and I don’t see Martin St-Louis imposing a training session on them on Sunday after the rookie dinner, scheduled for Saturday evening.

But that’s okay: the CH won’t play until Wednesday (in Ohio) after that.

In other words, we won’t be able to see Sean Monahan at work on the ice before today’s game. Let’s not forget that the center missed training yesterday for a day of treatments.

If he can’t play, Martin St-Louis will probably have to field seven defensemen – bringing in Mattias Norlinder – since the club’s only extra is a fullback.

Imagine replacing Monahan with Norlinder… and having to replace Alex Newhook at center in the process. It wouldn’t be ideal for Cayden Primeau, the trusted goalkeeper on Friday.

But the good news is that the Habs can afford not to have an optimal team this afternoon. But why? Because the poor San Jose Sharks are on the menu. The club is on track, according to a good old rule of three, to get 30 points this year. 30!

It’s the perfect opportunity to get another win for the Habs… but it’s also a good chance for Josh Anderson to try and score a goal.

As you know, things aren’t going well for the forward on the ice. He’s currently in the midst of a horrific 22-game scoreless streak (19 this year, three last).

It’s not for lack of effort, as he worked overtime yesterday at practice in order to practice (with Adam Nicholas) his shots. During games and training sessions, the effort is there… but nothing works.

It’s clearly between his ears at the moment, and that’s why I think facing the Sharks could be good for his confidence.

After all, tomorrow’s Kings will be another challenge. But the Sharks… with all due respect to the guys, this isn’t a club worthy of the NHL.

If there’s one club he can get out of his sequence against, it’s the Sharks. Nonchalance won’t be allowed since the club can’t afford to let him escape… and #17 must save his honor in terms of his overall rating on NHL 24.

In gusto

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