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Samuel Montembeault: a magnificent mask honoring Jacques Plante

I don’t know about you, but personally, I tend to really appreciate the design of the various NHL goalie masks. Most of the time, the level of detail and the quality of the images on them make them seem like works of art.

And sometimes, it allows the guys to have an image or detail all their own. I’m thinking in particular of Peter Budaj, who always had an image of Ned Flanders on his various masks.

Now, I must admit that I particularly like it when players pay tribute to their city with the design of their mask. It adds a certain sense of belonging to the market in which they play, and is often appreciated by local fans.

And Samuel Montembeault obviously understands this, as the goalie’s new mask this season is a tribute to the Montreal market. In fact, it features a style very much in keeping with the market, with the famous torch in the foreground and a representation of Jacques Plante.

It was created by Quebec artist Sylvie Marsolais.

Of course, we know that the goaltender is a Quebecer who grew up in the market, which may make it easier for him to identify with the Canadiens’ history. That said, the result is a thing of beauty.

We saw him wearing it recently, and on the ice, the result is magnificent.

I also really like the details of the wool on the mask. It’s really very well done.

Hats off to Sylvie Marsolais for this gorgeous mask, because really, it’s a thing of beauty.

Here’s hoping that wearing this mask will help Montembeault have an exceptional season on the ice.

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