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Primeur: a new Arber Xhekaj ad with La Chambre

In recent weeks, we’ve learned thatArber Xhekaj has teamed up with La Chambre restaurants. He has created a burger, called Le Shérif, which is the image of the man.

It’s a really big burger.

Xheberkaj was interviewed in conjunction with the burger’s unveiling, and we learned many interesting things about his past as a Habs fan, but also about the strong man he will be in 2023.

He had just put Ryan Reaves to bed when he appeared before the press.

Of course, the launch of his burger came with a wave of ads. Several were produced with different concepts, but here’s the very first one.

It circulated en masse in the first few weeks.

But what you need to know is that not all the ads had been unveiled. There was still at least one advert to be released alongside its association with La Chambre restaurants.

And here it is.

So we see a customer, who is also in other ads in the same series with Xhekaj, who wants to complain to the manager because he is unable to have, as requested, a bench seat.

And afterwards, we see that the Sheriff doesn’t need to talk much (but when he does, it’s in French) to make the customer in question understand that sitting at the bar is also a great option.

Classic Xhekaj.

It’s great to see the Canadiens’ defenseman getting into the game and partnering with a local company. It helps connect Habs players with their many fans.

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