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Cayden Primeau in action tonight (on the first day of Father’s Day)

This morning, on the sidelines of training, we learned that Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Sean Monahan and Brendan Gallagher were absent. This is the second absence in a row for the Quebecer, who is officially out with a lower-body injury.

He’s day-to-day and won’t be playing tonight. Neither will Jordan Harris, for that matter.

But that’s not all we learned during training. After all, we also learned that fathers start their famous Father’s Day… at home.

It sounds funny when you say it like that, but it’s actually true.

The fathers attended the day’s training session and will also be at tonight’s game against the Golden Knights. Afterwards, they’ll head to Boston with the boys for Saturday’s game.

Golden Knights and Bruins? It’s going well.

That said, fathers or not, we’re wondering who’s going to be the goalie. It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s lips every day since the start of the season due to the three-way ménage à trois.

And finally, it’s going to be Cayden Primeau.

The Canadiens aren’t afraid to play him against a big team, as they did against the New Jersey Devils last month. We want to test him, clearly.

So he’ll have spent just one week without playing.

Since Samuel Montembeault played against the Flames on Tuesday, I’m expecting Jake Allen, who hasn’t played since Sunday, to be the starter on Saturday night in Boston. But we’ll see.

I can’t wait to see if Primeau will be moved when Karl Tremblay’s life is honoured , or if Primeau will applaud Dominique Ducharme ‘s performance against the defending champions.


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