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Karl Tremblay: Guy Nantel gives a heartfelt shout-out to Canada’s music scene

For the past 24 hours or so, the death of Karl Tremblay has monopolized media attention. The whole of Quebec is in mourning, prompting François Legault to offer the Cowboys Fringants singer a state funeral.

That’s if the family wants it, of course.

One of the testimonials that stood out for me was that of Guy Nantel. The comedian, who is obviously also known for his political convictions, marked the death of Karl Tremblay with a message on social networks.

But unlike many other messages, he wasn’t content to simply say that it was sad: he proposed a solution to ensure that Karl Tremblay’s legacy would be as great as possible.

On social networks, Nantel mentioned that in recent weeks, he showed up at Laval’s Place Bell and, in the third period, realized that Quebec songs weren’t in the DJ’s rotation.

He laments the fact that Place Bell is no different from any other arena in America: it plays American music.

He rightly wonders why the Rocket and Habs don’t play more local songs. After all, the fans are mostly locals who listen to these songs.

Yesterday, when the Rocket played a Cowboys song, it sang more than any American song.

Nantel is right: when we hear songs from here, they come to us in a more intense way than when a song from elsewhere is played. That’s normal, since it’s our culture.

It’s not the responsibility of teams outside Quebec to promote music from here. And as Guy Nantel says, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a death to do it.

And in addition to the fans, there are the players who love the Cowboys. The Rocket is full of Quebecers, and the Canadiens (notably David Savard, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard and Samuel Montembeault) are fans.

Savard was even at the show on the Plains this summer, as Jean-François Chaumont tells us. #FEQ

In the context of a Canadiens game, which is under reconstruction, I’m sure that hearing more songs from here would be a little treat for fans who sometimes don’t have much to get their teeth into.

At one point, a guy gets annoyed at hearing Narco play when a time-out is called at the end of a game.

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