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No, there should be no change in Edmonton (for now)
Damn it.

All eyes are on the Oilers right now. Why are they?

Because we’re talking about a team that has the talent to contend for the Stanley Cup and is currently tied with the Sharks for last place in the NHL standings.

Yeah. Things aren’t going well in Edmonton right now.

Everyone’s trying to pinpoint the problem. It’s the goalies’ fault, it’s McDavid’s fault, it’s the coach’s fault… All these ideas have been heard since the start of the season.

Last night’s loss to the Sharks was humiliating, and that’s why we all wondered if this was the end for Jay Woodcroft, the club’s head coach.

Ryan Rishaug, a TSN reporter on the Oilers beat, commented on the situation earlier today on Twitter. According to him, there will be no changes made behind the bench for the time being, which means Woodcroft could be behind the team’s bench tomorrow night in Seattle.

Connor McDavid is in his ninth NHL season and has already had four different head coaches.

Todd McLellan, Ken Hitchcock, Dave Tippett and Jay Woodcroft…

And we can expect a fifth to be added to the group if the Oilers can’t find a way to win games.

They should be able to win a lot of the time when they have the luxury of McDavid AND Leon Draisaitl, two of the best players in the world.

But the McDavid – Draisaitl duo, as good as they are, aren’t capable of taking the club to the next level. Is it time for Oilers management to start thinking about splitting up the duo?

The captain’s contract expires at the end of the 25-26 season, and the German’s at the end of the 24-25 season. Both will be free as a bird at the end of their respective contracts…

Time could really be running out for the Oilers. And they’ll have to make a major decision in a few years’ time, because the bottom line is that the results aren’t there now, and they never have been in the past.

In gusto

– Exactly.

– I hope so!

– Makes sense.

– Ah, darn.

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