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“King Cole”: P.K. Subban sends flowers to Cole Caufield on Twitter

P.K. Subban doesn’t mince his words, and he’s never afraid to speak his mind.

He’s such a sourpuss that some of his former teammates think he took up too much room in the bedroom, but hey. That’s a discussion for another time.

The former Canadiens defenseman uses his Twitter platform to talk about hockey, and when it’s time to praise a player who’s having a good time, he does.

He tweeted a couple of weeks ago that Cole Caufield reminds him of Martin St-Louis because the small forward is a “gamer” who shows up when it matters.

It’s true what P.K. says, because Caufield once again gave the Canadiens victory in overtime last night with a magnificent goal.

And that’s all it took for Subban to take to his Twitter account to remind everyone that “he told us so”, referring to “King Cole”:

Obviously, P.K. has a lot of respect for the Canadiens’ small forward, and that makes sense.

Subban has played a long time in the NHL and knows how hard it is to score goals in this league.

To think that two years ago, the former Canadiens defenseman couldn’t even pronounce Caufield’s name… Hehe.

Cole Caufield put an end to his lethargy last night: he hadn’t scored in his last five games, and the goal he scored could give him wings again.

It’ll be interesting to see if the sniper is separated from Nick Suzuki again in the next few games.

It seems to have worked, at least, because the captain had a fine outing against the Detroit Red Wings.

In gusto

– Mitch is here to answer your questions:

– That’s right.

– Speaking of Caufield:

– He’s really underrated.

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