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Jack Campbell is surprised to have been demoted in the AHL

It’s no secret that the Edmonton Oilers are having a hard time finding a good number-one goalie.

Although Stuart Skinner seems to have a bright future, it’s a little too early to say.

Edmonton had hoped to remedy this problem in the summer of 2022.

During the free agent period, the Oilers signed veteran goaltender Jack Campbell for 5 years at a salary of $5 million.

Campbell had enjoyed good times with the Toronto Maple Leafs, which seemed to justify the $25 million contract.

Unfortunately for Edmonton, the goalkeeper has instead been a nuisance with atrocious statistics since last season.

This season, it’s even worse.

In 5 games, the American allowed an average of 4.50 goals per game, in addition to posting a 0.873 efficiency rate.

These performances earned him a trip to the waivers, only to end up in the AHL after the other 31 NHL teams ignored him.

Campbell thought he had played well, however, and is surprised to have been demoted to the AHL.

“Obviously, it’s a results league, but I felt like I was playing well, I had confidence. But the numbers weren’t good enough.” – Jack Campbell

When you allow an average of 4.50 goals per game, you can’t really think you’re performing well.

Of course, it’s normal to have empty passes; it happens to all the best players and goalkeepers.

But let’s not forget that the other 31 teams passed on this goalie when they could claim him “for free” with his $5 million-a-year salary.

Of course, his contract weighed heavily in the balance when he was on the waivers.

The fact remains that he simply wasn’t performing well enough to stay in the NHL.

And let’s just say he’s not helping himself much, now that he’s in the minors.

It’s not by giving away a weak goal like that that he’s likely to get called back to the NHL…

The Oilers aren’t off to the desired start this season, with a poor 2-9-1 record, and they even lost to the San Jose Sharks (2-11-1).

There had to be a change, and there was a lot of trouble in front of the net, so Campbell was demoted to the AHL.

This will give more starts to Stuart Skinner, who could become the team’s future number-one goaltender.

To get there, he’ll have to play a lot.

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