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New video of Alex Galchenyuk’s arrest: it’s worse than we thought

Alex Galchenyuk is currently in Russia after seeing his last NHL contract terminated by the Coyotes this summer. And if I say his last contract, it’s because I’m pretty confident in saying no, he’s not coming back.

After all, you may have seen the footage of his arrest. We reported it yesterday, but here’s the video, again.

Clearly, seeing him go over the edge like that shows he needs help. He was on a rampage and threatened law enforcement to go after their family. That’s really something.

It will be remembered that because he was arrested, Chucky had been released by the Arizona Coyotes. He was facing charges of hit-and-run, improper conduct, resisting arrest and threatening others.

But now, a second video related to Alex Galchenyuk’s arrest has surfaced. And as reported on Habsolument Fan, it contains the same elements as the first video, but with some additional footage .

Spoiler alert: it’s not chic.

On the menu? We see Chucky not afraid to say the N-word to the policeman (repeatedly) and he’s not afraid, either, to make death threats to try to get out of it.

Galchenyuk isn’t afraid to tell the policeman that the Russians would cut him to pieces if he didn’t do what he said.

You know I’m one call away from you never seeing your family again. How scary is that? One call and you’re dead. One call and your whole bloodline’s dead.

You know it’s true? I’m gonna kill your wife. I’ll kill your daughter. Let me go now and you’ll never hear from me again. – Alex Galchenyuk

Note that Alex Galchenyuk’s father, who wasn’t always the guide the former Canadiens prospect really needed to take his career to the next level, was nearby.

Alex Galchenyuk can be heard talking about his father in the video.

We know that his father has always been around his son (for all the wrong reasons), and even though he recently spoke of remorse regarding his son, we wonder if he too has done some soul-searching.

So no, I don’t see an NHL club signing the CH’s former top pick eventually. And even if they did, the public outcry would probably be so great that his contract would end up being cancelled.

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