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Jake Allen: Elliotte Friedman’s turn to tie him to the Oilers
If the Habs were to trade Jake Allen, the club would be left with little depth at goalie. An injury to another goaltender would force Kent Hughes to recall Jakub Dobes.

And we don’t want that. Not in November 2023, anyway.

The good thing about my first paragraph is that Jake Allen’s name can be replaced by Samuel Montembeault’s or Cayden Primeau’s and the result is the same.

Obviously, the Montembeault rumors are more about a contract extension than a departure, but still.

All of which is to say that we’re really wondering when the ménage à trois will come to an end in front of the Habs’ net. Logically, you’d think the easy solution would be for Cayden Primeau to leave… but that’s not happening. And balloting is not an option right now.

So it’s likely to happen via transaction. And as we all know, Cayden Primeau’s name is circulating on the trade market, but so is Jake Allen.

How serious is it? You have to wonder. How much doclubs still want him after his difficult November? That remains to be seen, but the question remains.

We know that his name has been bandied about in Edmonton in the past, and now it’s Elliotte Friedman’s turn to say that the Oilers and the CH have discussed the Maritime-born goaltender.

Of course, Jake Allen comes with a history of injuries in recent years and normally plays second fiddle in the playoffs. #2019 #2021

If the Oilers see him as a goalie in a tandem, it might make sense for them, indeed. Unless his salary of $3.85 M per season until 2025 is too scary…

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Friedman states that negotiations are not necessarily very advanced. There’s nothing imminent in his case, but it’s still being discussed, since the Oilers really need a goalie. Remember that Jack Campbell was sent to the AHL…

Finally, Friedman has confidence in Martin St-Louis’ ability to develop Juraj Slafkovsky.

In gusto

– Ah, the Montreal CF…

– In 2012, Marc Crawford was a finalist for the CH coaching job.

– We want credibility in Ottawa.

– It’s all part of the game.

– Good news.

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