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Herniated disc: Andrei Vasilevskiy is back on skates

The Tampa Bay Lightning are doing quite well this early in the season, but their 4-2-2 record isn’t necessarily what you’d expect from them.

While the start to the season is by no means disastrous, the Bolts are missing Andrei Vasilevskiy in a big way.

The franchise goalkeeper hasn’t been able to play a single game this season, due to surgery for a herniated disc.

Jonas Johansson is doing very well as the club’s starting goaltender in Vasi’s absence, with a 4-1-2 record, a 2.56 goals-against average and a 0.925 save percentage.

However, while he’s doing very well, we’re all looking forward to Vasilevskiy’s return to Tampa Bay to carry the team on his shoulders, as he did so well during his career.

Although Johansson is surprising many this season, the Lightning can’t count on him and Matt Tomkins in net for much longer.

It’ll catch up with them eventually.

But, lo and behold, the Russian goalie was back on skates on Sunday, as reported by HockeyFeed.

He was wearing his full kit, but only doing light exercises.

Of course, we don’t necessarily expect him to return this week, as he’s not yet fully into his training.

However, his return to the ice with his equipment brings joy to Lightning fans, who are eagerly awaiting the return of their elite goaltender.

When it was announced on the Bolts ‘ side that Vasilevskiy couldn’t start the season, there were rumors that, with his absence, they’d be thinking of acquiring a goalie to temporarily make up for his loss.

Balloting was mentioned as a solution, and many thought of the Montreal Canadiens’ third goaltender, Cayden Primeau.

Primeau has often been the subject of rumours that he could be sent packing, but the CH is sticking with three goalies for the time being.

The Montreal club strongly believes that it would lose Primeau to the ballot if he ended up there, so it’s content to play with three goalies.

Nevertheless, with Vasilevskiy’s earlier return, the CH might be more inclined to send Primeau to the ballot.

Vasilevskiy was expected to miss the first two months of activity after undergoing lower back surgery for his herniated disc, but he could be back a few weeks earlier.

Do you think the Tricolore will continue the season with three goalies, hoping to trade one of them during the season?

With Jake Allen’s stellar start to the season, teams may be more interested in the veteran goaltender.

In fact, according to tipster Brian Wilde, Allen could be an interesting option for the Buffalo Sabres.

Let’s see what Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have in store for us.

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